Requirements in Government Sector

Accurate data is the backbone of good Governance. There seems to be no common master data of citizens in India. Every department/ministry has its own database and often the information of the same citizen is recorded differently in each of these databases. Though UID is a step forward in the direction of creating a citizens database, It is associated with the biometric identity of the person. In the government there is always a need of comparing different databases on the basis of demographic and householding information for the purpose of launching targeted welfare programs and new schemes.

Fragmented, inconsistent data of citizens:
  • Affects the ability to appropriately serve constituents
  • Delays time to implement new welfare programs and launch new schemes
  • Creates integration inefficiencies across processes, and
  • Limits productivity across citizen service functions.

Moreover for law enforcement, the profiling search is often on the demographic parameters rather than on a unique identity.

Therefore it is extremely important to have accurate data of citizens in the databases of the respective departments, and creating a unique set of citizens data is challenge owing to the gigantic volumes and poor data quality. There are no defined standards for writing names and addresses. Names and addresses are subject to variations and transcription errors. This leads to multiple enrollments of the same citizen to the program causing huge loss to exchequer. Existing technologies require very large hardware and unpredictable outcome due to limitations of scalability.

Use cases in some departments where in our technology finds relevance.
Public Distributions Systems (PDS) - Civil Supplies Department

Deduplication of Ration Cards to remove duplicate BPL cards and identifying ineligible BPL cards by comparing with other databases such as RTA database, govt employee database, electricity database etc.

Election Commission
  • Deduplication of Electoral Rolls.
  • Voter Enrollment.
Health Department

Allotment for Health and Insurance Cards.

Civic Administration Department (Municipal Department)
  • Property tax administration. Identifying tax evaders by comparing with other databases like Electricity Department database, Water Board database etc.
  • Unified billing system for serving bills for all the utilities in a single bill.
Transport Department
  • Enrollment for driving license.
  • Detecting duplicate licenses.
  • Interfacing with other with other departments like police department for Quick and accurate search on License, based just on name and any other demographic information.
  • Registration of second and subsequent vehicle on the owners name for enhanced taxation.
  • Unified billing system for serving bills for all the utilities in a single bill.
Immigration Department
  • During immigration and transit Check , as well as matching of flying passengers list with various databases.
Police Department
  • Searching criminal records database and shared data of Passport Department, Immigration Department etc.
  • Criminal Profile tracing relatives / associates
  • Integrated information management by searching on documents and database.
Tax Department
  • Tax payer profiling
  • Assigning Tax Id
  • Tracking Directors details
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