Requirements in Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry faces lot of challenges in terms of information management. Lot of emphasis is placed on the BI and analytics which use customer behaviors, transaction history for the purpose of building loyalty programs and retention initiatives. They use the customer demographic information to analyze customer churn and improve customer experience. The data of the customer has to be in sync throughout the life cycle of the transaction, be it travel, reservations, logistics as well as with the compliance.

CRM Integration

With the host CRM systems interacting with multiple channels, the data quality in the CRM is often compromised. This leaves the frontline, administrating staff frustrated with co-relating the customer data with the data recorded in the CRM systems. Often the data of the customer is re-entered creating a lot of redundant data. This affects the operations of the company in terms of managing the loyalty programs and customer satisfaction. Therefore a very accurate single view of the customer which can enable quick search on the customer, locate all the information of the customer details, history and capable of handling most of the data quality issues is the need of the hour.

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