Requirements in Telecom Sector

The booming telecom industry has resulted in the establishment of a number of communications service providers. The telecom players are also providing value added services like Broadband, DTH etc leading to every company competing to catch the attention of their existing subscribers as well as potential customers.

With the change in policy guidelines like number portability and strong regulatory mechanisms, it is a pressure on the companies to retain their competitive service advantage and towards this retaining subscribers is a tough challenge that many companies face in the telecom sector. Distinguishing between profitable and unprofitable subscribers, identifying and nurturing profitable subscribers will help the companies drive profitability and growth.

Therefore the companies require to have a complete view of subscribers, and an effective way to profile them. It will not only help them in develop marketing strategies for cross-selling and up-selling by targeting product offers to individual subscriber, but also safeguard themselves in acquiring a potential risky subscriber.

Extensively large volumes, multiple channels of customer acquisition, pressure on the sales to acquire a new subscriber quickly are making companies to resort to performing a basic and rudimentary check on the process of customer acquisition and due diligence. This is leading to poor data quality and duplicate records of subscribers.

Use cases in some departments where in our technology finds relevance
Single view of the subscriber

Telecom companies require a quick and accurate single view of the subscriber data across all its various products and services. Householding and segmentation based on demographic data can also give insight into the subscriber behavior, purchasing patterns, and segmentation analysis.With very large volumes of subscriber data scattered throughout the enterprise, it requires a very sophisticated technology which is scalable and yet cost effective to get a quick single view of subscribers and analyze their behavior accurately.

Operational Efficiency

Since telecom business is a volume driven business, the cost of servicing per individual subscriber goes high if there are duplicate records of the same subscriber as they have to send multiple bills as well as reach out or include them in any campaigns. Having duplicate records also results in skewed analytical reports inspite of having the best BI tool in the market. This creates a negative impact for the company and unhappy subscribers for telecom, increases the costs ,missing revenue opportunities, impacting both financials and subscriber relationships.


Under the TRAI regulations, telecom operators have to bucket and report the bulk connections of the subcriber to the regulatory authorities on monthly basis. This is achieved by deduplication of entire subscriber data based on the demographic parameters.

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