Managing Customers Wisely

About the Client
Client is one of the largest asset management companies with branches spread across India. Manages a comprehensive range of schemes to meet investors varying needs.

Client’s Pain Points
The client was consolidating its customer databases comprising millions of records among various portfolios. It was imperative for client to maintain a single master data-base of unique customers by End Of Day (EOD).

Client was facing several challenges:

  • Earlier solution incapable of handling the daily volumes and was ineffective in detecting variations resulting in large scale false positives and duplicate records
  • Inventory of daily batches for matching and de-duplication was piling up and compounding the problem
  • The data received from users across the country had many errors and variations in names and addresses. Cross Matching of multiple addresses based on complex set of matching rules needed to be performed in a timely manner

Posidex Solution
Client banked on POSIDEX’s extensive domain knowledge in BFSI and innovative matching and de-duplication technologies in handling variations in names and addresses and scaling to voluminous data.

POSIDEX delivered its PrimeMatch® based Data Management Solution with powerful SetMatch® bulk matching engine.

Using POSIDEX solution, the client could now:

  • Consolidate and De-dupe the massive data and build the Customer Master Data base
  • Process the complex set of Cross Matching rules and generate the Single View of the Customer by End Of Day
  • Prevent inventory buildup with the help of PrimeMatch’s high speed matching on the existing infrastructure
  • Readily know a new customer and assign a Unique Relationship Number. If desired, real-time query capability could be integrated

This case successfully demonstrates POSIDEX’s capability to handle complexity of matching process in creating customer master database, as well as generating customer profiles periodically.