Contextual Customer Insights Platform

Data on tap for multiple business requirements

Get Data - All Data - and Better Insight

As your enterprise grows, customers begin to interact with you across channels and businesses more than ever, leading to their data being stored in silos. The result? It becomes harder to acquire, grow, and retain customers. On top of it, customer experience, risk, compliance, and fraud become difficult to manage.

The Contextual Customer Insights Platform (CCIP) makes you an expert on your customers.

The cloud-native, AI, and ML-based platform helps you reach new levels of understanding of your customer based on the context of business requirements and stage of the customer life cycle. You get better-quality answers, enabling multiple business requirements through a single platform.

Customer Insights On Tap

The Contextual Customer Insights Platform is designed to efficiently address diverse business needs. A single platform gathers, analyses, and derives actionable insights from customer data, all while maintaining a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to using multiple separate tools or solutions.

Single Source of Truth

BUSINESS GROWTH - Make effective decisions on expansion, market penetration, customer experience, compliance with regulations, due diligence, and more

CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE - Build tailored strategies, communications, and actions for the acquisition, onboarding, retention, and engagement of customers

REAL-TIME OR BATCH - Real-time insights for immediate action and batch processing for analysis of larger datasets over time

FIRST OR THIRD-PARTY DATA - Insights from both internal data collected directly from customers and external data sources

CUSTOMER NETWORK & RELATIONSHIPS IN DATA - Insights on individual customers and their networks, including non-obvious and hidden relationships reveal valuable patterns for better cross-sell & upsell and better credit risk mitigation

How Contextual Customer Insights Platform Works

Fit-For-Purpose Customer Insights

CCIP analyses enterprise-wide customer data from multiple sources and connects them so that you can operate efficiently and innovate. Quickly. It provides a comprehensive view of customers establishing linkages and relationships across products and lines of business and within the customer, generating excellent value for enterprises.

If you’re struggling to stay ahead of fast-moving consumers, our platform lends you game-changing ability. You can manage customer data in real-time, with great accuracy and integrity.

Built to fit into any tech stack, CCIP strengthens the scope of processes from business operations to marketing, from fraud to risk.

Gain the confidence to stand behind your decisions,
every single time with CCIP