Prime360 (powered by PrimeMatch® technology) is a product for Real-time Entity Search and Match. Helps facilitate any interacting system to perform an identity search within the target data collated from various source systems. Offered in three variants viz., Prime360 Lite, Express and Advanced.



CLIP (powered by SetMatch technology) is used for One-time de-duplication, UCIC (Unique Customer Identification Code), Golden Record, Family ID Creation and/or to meet any incremental matching requirements for identifying unique customer records across various products and lines of businesses. CLIP plays a pivotal role when you want to establish linkages between records where there is no unique Identifier across the data sources.

screen-customer-icon is a cloud based Watchlist ‘Name scanning’ bureau service for matching prospective or current customer data with various lists like Federal Reserve/RBI list, OFAC, UN Sanctions list, PEP etc as part of Regulatory Compliance, CFT (Combating Financing of Terrorism), KYC (Know Your Customer) and other EDD (Enhanced Due-Diligence) requirements.

primever-icon is a cloud based name matching bureau service while onboarding prospects/ customers for various services. Product helps in authenticating and validating demographic details provided while onboarding with that of KYC details. Thus, EntityMatch simplifies and fasten the customer onboarding process.



Primever helps automate the process of validation of the customer information coming from multiple providers making the process simple, streamlined and quick. This unlocks the organization’s potential for faster onboarding and quick decisioning with the respect to the suspect cases.



PropEx is a property de-duplication solution used for Movable and Immovable assets. It helps in identifying unique properties to avoid re-mortgaging of the same property. For Mortgage loans, it is imperative to ensure that the property being financed is not previously financed.



Posilytics is an add-on analytics and visualization component on top of Posidex’s world-class de-duplication solutions. It provides customer segmentation analytics, data quality analytics and gives you a birds’ eye view of the customer data sets and other contributing key data.



POSCentral Know Your Customer is built on the basis of an initiative taken by the Indian Government. It enabled customer to complete their KYC process only once across the financial sector. The objective is to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents by customers every time they interact with a different Service Provider.


Eagle Post

EAGLEPOST helps validate, structuring and enriches addresses. As there are no standards or guidelines for capturing address and therefore the constituent address elements (H.No, Landmark, Locality, Sub-District, District etc) are seldom stored in appropriate fields.