ZERO ERROR BULK ENTITY SEARCH & MATCHCLIP (powered by SetMatch technology) is used for One-time de-duplication, UCIC (Unique Customer Identification Code), Golden Record, Family ID Creation and/or to meet any incremental matching requirements for identifying unique customer records across various products and lines of businesses. CLIP plays a pivotal role when you want to establish linkages between records where there is no unique Identifier across the data sources.

Key Features

CLIP Key Features LITE Express Advanced
Deduplication: Help identify and resolve duplicate records on large volumes of data
Flexibility in configuring the match tolerance of parameters
Accommodate diverse and custom identifiers
Provision to Indicate the matching criteria (Matching Rule Profile)
Support to transform data from disparate data sources
Seamless integration with other systems supporting SOA
Super fast processing speed with recursive clustering approach
Creation of UCIC (Unique Customer Identification Code)
360 degree view: Unique customers across products and lines of businesses
Support for Cluster match criteria (Cluster Rule Profile)
Support for efficient Operations (Log and Performance Monitoring)
Creation of Golden Record
Creation of Family ID
PosTag – Manual verification and decision support dashboard

The Posidex Edge

Data Deduplication
CLIP can play a pivotal role where there is no single unique Identifier across all data sources. Implicitly handles data quality (spelling mistakes, partial data entry). Can process huge volumes of data in the tune of millions of records.

Higher degree of control on matching. Power to users

Seamless Integration with various business data sources

Clusters and groupings based on demographics or any user defined criteria for
better target segmentation.

High Precision & Recall
High Precision and get least number of false matches yet be super fast.


  • Bulk Deduplication
    • Identify & Resolve duplicates
    • Large volumes of data
  • Unique Customer Identification Code (Ucic)
    • Identify Unique customers and assign unique ID
    • 360 degree view
  • Segmentation Analysis
    • House-holding and segmentation analysis
    • Identify linkages
  • Group Exposure
    • Identify customers across products and lines of business
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell: Prospects Data
    • Identify Prospects
    • Profiling


  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Credit Bureau