Relate: Network Relationship Discovery

Uncover relationships and connections within your data to build a map of associates connected to the person of interest.


Discover non-obvious and hidden relationships among the customers, to know overall group exposure while lending and take up hyper-personalized cross-sell and up-sell.


Uncover valuble connection not immmediately evident

Increase Profits

Understand customers beyond surface-level information for a targeted approach.

Use case: banks can reduce revenue leakage and losses by uncovering if a customer is connected to NPAs and rejecting their loan application.

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Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Discover anomalies for comprehensive risk assessments and identify potential issues.

UUse case: Visa and immigration authorities can utilize Prime Relationship Discovery to track 1% of problematic and risky visitors. So can income tax departments to stop fraudulent activities and money laundering.

Compliance Adherence

Achieve relational intelligence, thorough customer due diligence, and adherence to regulatory standards.

Use case: For industries with stringent compliance obligations like stock exchanges, NOHRD can help track share manipulations, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

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Industries Served



Financial Services

Gain a Deeper Understanding

of your data landscape for better business outcomes, lesser fraud, and fewer risks.