PosCKYC - A CKYC solution provider

A product to comprehensively manage the CKYC requirements for the organization.

PosCKYC is the interfacing product built for the financial institution as a central KYC identifier to interact with the Central KYC RegistryPortal.

Central KYC Registry is a centralized repository of KYC records managed by CERSAI(a Government of India Company) Once the KYC documents are submitted by an individual to any financial institution, they are registered in the repository with a unique 14-digit CYKC number. The CYKC number can be quoted instead of submitting physical KYC documents to any financial institution.

The CYKC repository can be accessed by all financial institutes for verifying the KYC details of their customers. Interfacing with the CKYC portal requires a lot of interfaces, processes, and checks to be handled and PosCKYC is just the product built for the same.

CKYC Graphic

Key Features

Features of PosCKYC
Interface with multiple source systems
Master for rules & governance of data
Data augmentation for enrichment/correction of input records
Search & bulk upload for new customers
  • Search the customer in their own Base
  • Generate the bulk upload file for new records
  • Response file upload and tracking status of multiple updates
  • Capturing the documents
Compare, download and create modifications
  • Bulk download from CKYC and compare the details of the customer
  • Prepare the delta file for bulk upload response
  • File upload and tracking status of multiple responses
Reading update notification
  • System keeps a track of notifications from CERSAI for modifications
Generate files for other systems
  • Generating files for surround systems like MIS, EDW
Secure FTP auto connect
  • Auto upload and download of files making the connection risk-free from human error
Actionable dashboard
  • A single screen that gives complete visibility of pending uploads, pending notifications, or pending modifications along with aging analysis
User access management
Auto escalation emails
  • Provision to trigger emails for cases that require urgent attention on grounds of pending beyond x days
Billing management reports
End to end audit trail
Inbuilt workflow
  • API search for probable matches
  • Having a configurable workflow module makes it very easy for it to suit the current process of the organization

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