Posilytics is an add-on analytics and visualization component on top of Posidex’s world-class de-duplication solutions. It provides customer segmentation analytics, data quality analytics and gives you a birds’ eye view of the customer data sets and other contributing key data quality indicators.

Posilytics analyzes the streaming data in real-time enabling your organization to monitor and rate the quality of incoming customer data and conduct segmentation analysis of the clusters on the fly. Easy to customize, export and share the results, reports and stats for top management consumption. The always-on stream of relevant data related insights with powerful visual story telling ability help clients drive successful business outcomes.

Key Features

  • Customer Segmentation and Insights
    • Slice and dice the data for better Cross-sell and Up-sell Insights
    • Risk and Fraud detection
    • Location based discovery among others
  • Identify trends
    • Improve overall current and future business performance leveraging historical data
  • Customer lifecycle and Data gap Analysis Management
    • Customer On-boarding
    • Customer Engagement
    • Customer Retention
  • Data Quality Scoring & Analysis
    • Data Quality assessment across data sets and various parameters.
    • Data Quality enhancement suggestions.
  • Matching Rule Analysis
    • Rule-wise contribution, monitoring the rules.
    • Recommendation to improve and meet the set precision and recall.
    • Suggestion on increasing system matches and reducing referral matches.
  • Golden Record Insights & Analysis
    • A detailed understanding of which source system is contributing to the data in forming a Golden Record.
  • Reports and Stats
    • 24×7 access to stats, results and reports

The Posidex Edge

Operational Analytics
Apart from Descriptive analytical capabilities, Posilytics also differentiates in delivering operational intelligence for Business users to predict the likelihood of future events or behavior based on historical data

Higher degree of control on data delivering powerful insights.
Power to users!

Seamless Integration with various business source systems


  • Data Analytics
    • Operational analytics
    • Matching rule analysis
    • Golden record insights
    • Reports & Stats
  • Fraud Detection
    • Identify trends
    • Mitigate risk
  • Customer Segmentation
    • Slice and dice customer into segments
    • By product, location, gender or other custom parameters
  • Data Quality Score
    • Overall data quality score of organization
    • Data quality enhancement suggestions


  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Credit Bureau