REAL-TIME ENTITY SEARCH & MATCHPrime360 (powered by PrimeMatch® technology) is a product for Real-time Entity Search and Match. Helps facilitate any interacting system to perform an identity search within the target data collated from various source systems. Offered in three variants viz., Prime360 Lite, Express and Advanced.

Key Features

PRIME360 Key Features LITE Express Advanced
Data Volumes Upto 1 Million Unlimited Unlimited
Dedupe Parameters Supported Limited * Exhaustive Exhaustive
Provision to upload a batch of records (file) to be matched against base data Upto 1K / file Upto 10K / file Upto 10K / file
Support for multiple data sources Restricted
Flexible in building the matching rules Restricted
Provision to Indicate the matching criteria (Matching Rule Profile) Restricted
Seamless integration with other systems supporting SOA Restricted **
Accommodates diverse and custom identifiers
Matching against internal negative/defaulters/reject lists
Supports bucketing of results: Provision to categorize the responses into bands viz.,
excellent, good, poor, bad etc duly associating weightages to different parameters
Support for MIS Reports
Support for High Availability
Support for Intraday Matching
Household and/or Family Relationship Identification
Network360 – Entity Relationship Discovery
BigData platform ready
Supports multiple data sources without depending on any common table structure
and/or database with no predefined schema
NoSQL support: Integrating with different data modes like Table feed, JSON, File
feed with ease
Support flattened dedupe parameter search for all values in a given dedupe
PosTag – Manual verification and decision support dashboard

The Posidex Edge

  • Customizable

    Higher degree of control on matching, Configuration of rules and match tolerance. Power to users!

  • Real-time Entity Resolution Search Engine

    Identity search involves matching of several parameters and each has its own challenges. E.g: No unique id’s across systems; Unique id and exact matches would fail. Prime360 looks for all possible variations, both in the presence and absence of unique id’s

  • Powerful Search Results

    In-memory processing and inbuilt analytics to deliver powerful search results with high precision & recall

  • Agnostic

    Agnostic to databases, hardware, applications and operating systems

  • Utilization

    Lower TCO, higher ROI and higher resource utilization

  • 3 billion

    Billion + Master records deployed across client production systems

  • 20x

    Average Improvement in processing speed

  • 10x

    Average Return on investment

  • 2 million

    Million + entity resolution Investment requests per day


  • Customer On-Boarding & Due Diligence
    • 360 degree view of customers across products and lines of businesses
    • Real time check
    • Customer on-boarding process
  • Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management
    • Matching against internal negative lists, defaulters list etc
    • Matching against reject list
  • Marketing
    • Cross-sell & up-sell
    • identify your next best customer
    • Create customer reference mast


  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Credit Bureau





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