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Screen (powered by PrimeMatch® Technology) is a on premise watchlist name scanning product for matching prospective or current customer data with various lists like Federal Reserve/RBI list, OFAC, UN Sanctions list, PEP etc as part of Regulatory Compliance, CFT (Combating Financing of Terrorism), KYC (Know Your Customer) and other EDD (Enhanced Due-Diligence) requirements.

Key Features

ScReEn Key Features
Provides flexibility and customized configuration at the UI level. The users will have the power to set up matching rules. The simple UI will make it easy for users to change and match the values accordingly.
With different rules, you can set up different tolerance matching parameters. Depending upon the type of search, these matching rules can be changed.
The inputs from customers are transformed to match with WL structure.
It is common to have data deficiencies, and in these instances, a data match is performed by matching null and accepting null.
Flag support to confine the search to a particular set of values according to the given parameters.
With the help of the Dow Jones structure, the system is perfectly equipped with all kinds of permutations and combinations.
Criss cross-matching with all the details available- name, DOB, relationship, addresses, passport number, etc.
Integrate with any of your business systems with ease.
You choose the type of reports you want- be it PDF, DOC or XLS, we will deliver it to you.

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PrimeMDM (optional)

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