Proud to be a “POSIDEXIAN KID”

In 1957, 14th November was officially declared “Children's Day” in India by a special government edict and is celebrated across India every year.

We @ POSIDEX celebrated Children's Day on the 14th of Nov' 2022, in Grandeur. We invited all our “POSIDEXIAN KIDS” to office and organised a range of activities like screening their favourite shows, Treasure Hunt, Art & Craft, 1-minute Games, Singing, Table Tennis, Caroms & Chess along with lip smacking SNACKS.

For kids, it was an awesome time of fun activities coupled with meeting and greeting new friends and bonding with them. For employees, it was a treat to watch their kids participating in fun along with their colleagues' children.

Our founders, Mr. Venkat Reddy & Mr. Bhavani Shanker along with Mr. Philip Manikya, the Chief People Officer & Mr. Ram Prasad, AVP Projects had an unforgettable time with the POSIDEXIAN Kids.

These are the Children's Day memories that last, and they are the ones that are the most special.

Children's Day Celebrations