Potluck @ POSIDEX

For to achieve something big in anything you do in a group environment, team work can make all the difference between success and failure. That's because collaborative teams excel at dividing responsibilities and working towards the same goal. Realizing this, POSIDEX Fun Committee team had come forward to focus on something that can bring teams closer, while still having “FUN”.

POTLUCK, was identified as a simple yet effective team building activity with a dual purpose of bringing all employees together under one roof towards participating in the FUN event & also, contributing some funds for - “Home for the Abandoned Children with Special Needs”.

The posidex Potluck brought employees together to break bread, share laughs, raise money for Charity on Friday, the 16th Dec' 2022. It was fun to see teams volunteer & sign up to prepare, cook, and bake a vast variety of food - enough to fully cover a buffet table. Also, the catchy names of the various stall was as attractive as the food. Some of them to name were: a) Chicken antava maama, Paneer antava maama b) Tasty Buds (Mama, ek peg le) c) Eat more, burp more & donate more d) Yummy in the Tummy Restro e) Something Dishy, and many more.

Mr. Bhavani Shanker - Board member, mentioned that It was truly an amazing experience visiting all the stalls and great to see the involvement, the imagination, creativity, and the bonhomie among each employee.

Philip Manikya, Chief People Officer mentioned that the food was a real highlight, to be sure, but so was the opportunity to gather every employee & raise money for a CAUSE.

“Kudos to all Posidexians”, for this wonderful gesture.

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