Customer Network Analytics involves identifying inter-relationship among customers and deriving insights which can provide value to the business be it Marketing, enhanced Due Diligence or Risk Mitigation. POSIDEX Customer Network Analytics offers tools that help teams spot customers seeking assistance. It also helps in communicating, collaborating and managing projects seamlessly.

Based on the relationship attributes available, business users can identify the linkages such as family, household, co-worker, business associate, accomplice etc. Helping businesses to expand (Cross-sell) by extending suitable products to the associates. It also helps businesses mitigate risks by exercising caution dealing with relative/ associate of a fraudulent person. Measure how your product or service falls short, meets or exceeds customer expectations. Make POSIDEX Customer Network Analysis the cornerstone of your business strategy.


Screen your customer data against sanctions list, WL, PEP, SOC, Adverse Media list as part of the AML compliance during onboarding or transaction monitoring process


A unified view comes from the ability to analyze past behavior in order to better target and personalize future customer interactions. This capability becomes critical when organizations engage with customers through multiple channels, since customers expect those interactions to reflect a consistent understanding of their history and preferences.


Risks are inherent in every major decision. And avoiding a decision because of risks can lead to things like new markets not being pursued, new products not being developed or worse, allowing competition to gain the advantage.