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Posidex Prime View customer 360 view solutions

Posidex PrimeView customer 360 solutions gives you a unified view of the customer to survey the customer's past behaviours across multiple channels to understand their needs and expectations. This 360 degree customer view allows you to offer relevant products that can be customized to their circumstances. Intelligent decisions reflecting customer history, behavior, and preferences can not only increase trust but also open opportunities to upsell and create products attuned to their present and future needs through customer 360 data model.

Few challenges are tougher than identifying and influencing what drives customers' attitudes, behavior and beyond in real-time. You can use on demand immediate customer insights across all channels that leads you to in-depth understanding of your customer through 360 degree customer view. A big advantage in marketing campaigns conducted in fast-changing environments.

Marketers have long sought customer 360 view, a means that can capture customer reactions immediately, does not intrude into those reactions, minimizes bias, and can affordably be applied to customers in relatively large numbers. POSIDEX Real-time Customer Insights rises to this challenge. As organizations become more and more customer centric, a real-time single view of the customer relationship and product holdings across all the channels of the businesses becomes critical. As POSIDEX Real-time Customer Insights covers the complete customer 360 view journey, the data it generates will be useful to virtually every customer-facing part of your business - from marketing communications and PR to operations and service delivery.

A point to note however, is real-time customer Insights varies from the perspective it is carried out. Core Business Operations need it for the purpose of decisioning (credit decisioning, prior relationship etc). For the purpose of risk mitigation, the insight is based on checks against negative data/defaulters data. Statutory compliance requires that the due diligence is carried out against the restricted entity data, PEP data, etc. Sales & Marketing use customer insights for conducting campaigns and need to perform checks against do not call list etc. Insights gained from POSIDEX customer 360 solutions help you dive deep into the rich perceptual and emotional worlds human beings live in. It can also lead to real-time action as it can be acted on immediately.

customer 360 solutions - posidex primeview

Customer 360 Solution Highlights

Customer 360 view


PrimeView customer 360 data model can access unlimited data volumes from multiple databases to identify and give a 360 degree customer view.

Data matching - customer 360 data model


Our customer 360 solutions offer exhaustive dedupe parameters, search and match including building of your own matching rules to get the data.

Customer profiling

Customer profiling

Hassle-free integration with other solutions to check by matching with different watch lists to create a customer profile.

Real-time support - customer data management

Real-time support

Supports real-time identification, fraud detecting, customer data management, segmenting data into categories for business insights.

360 degree customer view

An integrated and unified representation

PrimeView customer 360 data model resolves the most difficult problems of enterprise to integrate data from various systems into one unique identifiable customer 360 view which is a standard for further analysis.

Effective Analysis

Effective Analysis

An integrated view of customer makes it easy for analysis and fragmented information may not allow effective analytics.

Contextual behavior

Contextual behavior

A complete view of the customer behavior gives the context of the behavior which might have been spread across multiple interactions, channels, platforms and timestamps.

Customer 360 view

Value spread across channels

PrimeView customer data management lets you uncover the value that was scattered across channels and could have been missed while stitching the pieces of information.

Leverage Insights

Leverage Insights

Insightful marketing strategies can be applied when the question of “who is the customer?” is a complete picture. Leveraging the insights to better target, acquire, and retain customers using personalization, understanding their challenges, overcoming through customer 360 solutions, creating new opportunities, and increasing ROIs.

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