Healthcare Master Data Management by Posidex

Healthy Data for healthy outcomes

Healthcare master data management solutions are an essential part of any healthcare organization. They provide a centralized, standardized way to manage and store all of an organization's critical data. This data includes everything from patient medical records and financial information to provider credentials and insurance data.

Posidex offers a unique healthcare master data management platform that provides accurate data quality and secure master data management MDM for Healthcare Industry. The most important data requirement in the healthcare industry is the reliability of data. Healthcare data needs to be trusted, first-hand, compliant, and secure data and relies highly on confident sources of data that have compliance standards and regulatory protocols. At Posidex we deliver the most trusted data quality in healthcare from a complex landscape, with an easy-to-access and most current and agile data management cloud for healthcare resources.

Healthcare Industry Solutions

Solutions for the Health sector to handle the following requirements

Healthcare master data management solutions
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

  • Integration of various data sources such as ADT, UB, Physicians, and Labs as per user-defined rules and policies
  • Maintain Patients' information and relationship with physicians and facilities
  • Search and match data across silo databases in real time
  • Construct a complete 360-degree profile of a patient based on the partial information available from various databases
  • Provide a unique Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) Solution
  • Instant Patient On-boarding
Compliance, Entity Due Diligence

Compliance, Entity Due Diligence

  • Posidex APIs allow easy integration with Provider's Risk management and Compliance solutions
  • Built-in Security features such as role-based access and encoded data comply with regulations
Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics

  • Capture relationships of patients and thereby provide a comprehensive view of the patient at the individual level, household level, group level, etc.
  • Enable profiling of patients and interrelationships among other entities such as physicians, staff hospital facilities, pharmacies, and patients
  • Cluster-based on demographic or any user-defined criteria for better target segmentation

Posidex healthcare's master data management solutions help to ensure that all of an organization's data is accurate and up to date. Which also provides a way to track and monitor changes to this data over time. This is essential for compliance with regulations and for quality control purposes. Additionally, these solutions can help to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

An MDM strategy also helps to ensure that data is properly governed and controlled so that it can be used effectively. It is an essential tool for meeting the challenges of the modern healthcare landscape.

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