Empowering Stock Market Surveillance

Decode deception and eliminate share price manipulations

Sentinel Against Share Price Manipulation

In the dynamic, mercurial, and tempestuous world of stock markets, speed and precision are paramount. You need to be quick and accurate with surveillance to thwart share price manipulations. Posidex brings a new approach to surveillance.

Our cutting-edge technology goes beyond the limitations of current practices, addressing challenges related to share price manipulations orchestrated by groups or networks. Offering real-time insights, unparalleled accuracy, and global applicability, it provides robust support to regulators, stock exchanges, depositories, and brokerage entities worldwide.

Solutions to bring transparency to share market

Posidex uses an intelligent approach to identify relationships and networks, especially those involving individuals working in concert as a group, interconnected through familial ties, directorial roles in companies, or some other connection.

Traditional surveillance methods are centered around a unique number, like a PAN. These tools are suboptimal because you can’t identify family members or a group from PAN. Moreover, the same person can have multiple PANs.

Our entity resolution uses probabilistic search with fuzzy logic to match many demographic attributes, such as names, fathers' names, addresses, and corporate details. It employs N-tier, non-obvious, and hidden relationship discovery to unveil hidden connections that traditional tools often miss.


REAL-TIME INSIGHTS: Instant view of an individual and their network at any volume, velocity, or variety of data

ENHANCED SURVEILLANCE PRECISION: Accurate and swift detection of relationships and networks, providing comprehensive protection

COST-EFFECTIVE: Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher Return on Investment (ROI) with an infrastructure-agnostic solution and seamless integration