Customer Cross Sell

Cross- or up-sell to customers and boost your business bottom line

Maximize Selling Opportunities For Your Team

Expanding customer reach is not a simple task. It makes existing customers a company’s most valuable asset, and their data is the oil that propels your business forward. However, harnessing that data for maximum value is a daunting challenge.

For every dollar spent on marketing, 21 cents are wasted because of poor customer data. It hides more information than it shows, which makes identifying and driving upsell and cross-sell opportunities a struggle.

And that’s the problem, customer cross sell addresses. It eliminates duplicates from the data and reveals selling opportunities.

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How Customer Cross Sell Works

Supercharge sales performance with data dedupe and linking

Customer Cross Sell uses proprietary and advanced bulk deduplication and record linkage technology. Detecting duplicative data with human-like perception but at super-human speed and scale, the solution works in two ways.

Firstly, for enterprises with diverse business lines, it identifies common customer records within internal databases, eliminating redundancies. This means each business line can seamlessly cross-sell its products to a broader prospect base without interference.

Secondly, customer cross sell goes beyond your enterprise walls. By comparing internal customer data with external prospect data, it eliminates duplicates and refines information. This ensures that your cross-sell and up-sell offers are tailored specifically to prospects, avoiding redundancy with existing customers.

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Banking and Financial Serices

Unique Customer Engagement

Engage customers without repeating messages about products or services they already have


Improve Data Quality

Empower your team to offer individualized experiences to customers and create more up- or cross-sells


Increase Revenue Growth

Connect data across brands and businesses to uncover complementary products and services for customers

Customer or Prospect?

Rapidly find business opportunities within your customer data and optimize sales with Customer Cross Sell!