Collateral 360 Risk Assessment

Identify and eliminate duplicates within customer records to minimize risk

The Sentinel of Asset Integrity

Prime Collateral 360 is a groundbreaking deduplication solution tailored for assets in vehicular or home loans. Going beyond conventional boundaries, this state-of-the-art solution examines transactions and collaterals in real time, ensuring unparalleled precision. It doesn't just stop at identifying duplicates; it scrutinizes subtle data variations that often elude traditional deduplication capabilities.

Prime Collateral 360 reshapes the landscape of risk mitigation. It fortifies the risk management strategies for financial companies by detecting if collateral has a history of prior financing or pledges.

How Prime Collateral 360 Works

Rooting out fraud & bust-out schemes

In the intricate landscape of fraud detection, Prime Collateral is a formidable force, simplifying complexity. The robust solution enables businesses to distinguish between legitimate customers and potential defaulters without compromising the customer experience.

Fueled by state-of-the-art technologies, Prime Collateral 360 thrives on centralized data processing, delivering a unified platform for seamless operations. Its adaptability shines as it integrates into any existing technology environment, boasting high performance and scalability to handle massive datasets with unparalleled precision.

Dedupe Dynamo for Risk-Free Finance

Highest Standards

Experience complete system processing with zero manual intervention

Nil Operational Risk

Say goodbye to operational risks by removing discretion from the equation

Systemic Accountability

Enhance transparency and reliability in loan disbursements through foolproof processes

Your Defence Against Fraud

Establish trust from the start with genuine customers and thwart fraudsters at the entry point with Prime Collateral 360