Federated Global Customer ID Adhering To Data Privacy

Create Global Customer ID for the same customer present across geographies, in organizations with multi country presence, meeting Data localisation & Data privacy

A federated global customer search for enterprises with multi-country presence

Imagine an enterprise operating in India, US, Australia. If the organization wants to build a global Customer ID across the geographies for easy KYC, Cross sell/Upsell of different products, Risk mitigation, etc even as the customer data stays in respective countries and data privacy laws of respective countries are adhered to.

Federated Global Customer ID & Global Customer Search meets the above requirement.

How Posidex Customer Due Diligence Works Step 1

How Federated Global Customer ID Works

Search Less, Win Faster Globally

How Posidex Customer Due Diligence Works Step 1

Behind the scenes, our technology ingests and transforms customer data into binary object files, using one way irreversible anonymisation through a proprietary ML model developed by Posidex. The anonymised data stays in the respective country. Probabilistic search with fuzzy logic happens on an anonymised binary object file, thus ensuring both Data localisation and data privacy.

When you begin a search in country 1, it is sent to our central router application. The app forwards it to countries two and three (or more) and then collects the responses from each.

Why Federated Global Customer Search

The solution performs a probabilistic search with fuzzy logic on anonymised customer PII data. This is perhaps the only solution in the world currently that has this capability.

Banking and Financial Serices

Data Localization

Customer data stays within the borders of a country, and search happens on binary object files (not plain text files) on the servers in the respective countries.

Banking and Financial Serices

Lightening Speed

The response time of the solution is a few seconds at any volume.

Banking and Financial Serices

Superior Accuracy

Recognized by the Indian industry that probabilistic search with fuzzy logic has the highest accuracy and the fewest false positives.

Build Global Customer ID: Use Customer data in multiple countries for easy KYC, Cross sell/Upsell and better risk mitigation meeting Data localisation and Data privacy.