Customer Centricity for Conglomerate

Harmonize customer data from across businesses and optimize up- and cross-selling opportunities

Get the full context with group-level customer ID

Customer experience is the next competitive battlefield. To conquer it, enterprises need customer data from all their group companies in one place. That’s how you deliver a superior, innovative experience across multiple channels.

Prime GCID creates group-level customer ID and householding ID, giving enterprises a clear, integrated view of their customers.

For customer-facing businesses like BFSI, telecom, and retail, distilling data from complex and varied ecosystems fuels opportunities to cross-sell products from different businesses, increasing business volume.

How Prime GCID Works

Doesn’t matter if it is SR, S. Ramesh, or Sachin R. Prime GCID links it

Prime GCID identifies and links records of the same customer from multiple data sources. From cases where only partial information is available to inaccurate or duplicate data, Prime GCID excels at handling diverse scenarios.

The solution traces relationships between customers with accuracy, even in instances where data is soiled or fragmented.

Know Who’s Who

Prime GCID is the candle that changes the density of the customer data darkness. Assigning a group customer ID, helps you distinguish between existing clientele and potential leads.

It strategically excludes your own customers from the target pool, ensuring that your efforts are focused and resource-efficient. By doing so, Prime GCID not only saves valuable time and resources but also provides a laser-focused strategy for customer engagement, optimizing your outreach initiatives.


Targeted Marketing ROI

Precise customer identification ensures campaigns hit the bullseye, delivering a superior ROI on your marketing spend.

Maximized Conversion Power

Focusing on high-potential leads makes the transition from prospects to customers seamless & propels conversion rates to new heights.

Cross-Selling Impact

Drive revenue with laser-focused cross- or up-selling using a single, comprehensive customer view.

Transform Your Approach, Amplify Results

Prime GCID is your key to sharper marketing, higher conversions, and sustained business growth.