Network Relationship Discovery

X-ray into the hidden relationships of your customers

Making Invisible Patterns Visible

Network Relationship Discovery is an advanced customer non-obvious, hidden relationship discovery & network analysis solution. The solution identifies all individuals or entities within the organization connected to the person of interest, the nature of their relationship through intelligence built into the solution. in a non-obvious and hidden way.

The solution goes beyond surface-level associations, peeling back the layers to find disguised ties between customers, making it much easier to identify critical connections and potential pitfalls.

In the world of data, knowledge is power. Network Relationship Discovery empowers you to know more about your customers and their intricate associations, allowing you to unearth potential threats and vulnerabilities cleverly concealed in customer data.

Go beyond the surface with Network Relationship Discovery

Risk Reduction: Network Relationship Discovery becomes your shield in navigating complex web of entities. It safeguards against potential risks by exercising caution when dealing with relatives or associates of individuals with a fraudulent history or NPAs.

Hyper Personalized Cross- or up-sell: Identify linkages such as family, household, co-workers, business associates, accomplices and expand by extending suitable products to associates.

Posidex Network Relationship Discovery

How Network Relationship Discovery Works

Know everything you need to know about your customers

Network relationship discovery uses in-memory processing, ML, and proprietary mathematical models to give an aggregated view of interrelationships. It examines data from all sources within your enterprise and unearths every person or entity related to or connected to that individual.

It delivers powerful search results with high precision and recall by matching various demographic attributes. Network Relationship Discovery offers real-time insights at any volume, velocity, or variety of data.

Posidex Network Relationship Discovery in work
Banking and Financial Serices

Identifying Relationships

Identifies and Offers a comprehensive view of all connected entities

Banking and Financial Serices


Deductively links records based on common attributes, using cris cros comparison of the data elements

Banking and Financial Serices

Graphical Family Tree

Graphical representation of hierarchy of relationships, allowing N tier mining

Uncover collusion, criminal activity, boost marketing, optimize due diligence, and reduce risk with Network Relationship Discovery!