Customer Centricity

Unique Customer Identification Code: The Key To Great Customer Experience

A common ID to remove Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity

Profitability is possible when the customer is at the center of all business processes. To reach customer centricity, you need data. The problem is that data is often fragmented, duplicated, inaccurate, and siloed. It hides more information than it provides.

Prime UCIC helps you find clarity in the murky data landscape. Much like refining oil, Prime UCIC refines customer data, breaking down silos and creating an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data held by your organization about customers that can be viewed in one place, such as a single page.

How Prime UCIC Works

Consolidate customer data from different touchpoints

Prime UCIC enables a more precise understanding of the true needs of a customer. It creates a one-time unique customer identifier, unifying all records of a customer across lines of business. It seamlessly integrates both permanent anchors (name, father's name, DOB) and dynamic elements (address, phone number), offering an interconnected view of customer data.

This powerhouse solution doesn't just stop there—it performs real-time searches across millions of unique personal details, government IDs, and contact information, propelling data unification to unprecedented heights.

A complete view of the customer

Cross Sell

Seamlessly and efficiently, offer a spectrum of products to your customers

Redefine Experience

Delight customers with every interaction personalized to their unique needs

Drop Risk

Create a shield that reduces vulnerabilities & safeguards against uncertainties

Get everything you need from one source of truth: Prime UCIC!