People do not work in a consistent, unchanging environment performing entirely predictable tasks at all times. Nor do they always make rational decisions or even the same ones under the same conditions. Inconsistent decision-making has a high cost for businesses. This is particularly serious when those decisions directly affect operations. Which is why risks need to be identified and assessed and then decide what to do about them. Some mitigating actions reduce the likelihood of the risk occurring and others reduce the impact.

POSIDEX Risk Mitigation Solution is designed to eliminate, reduce or control the impact of a specific decision. It accurately assesses and mitigates risks of all types. Providing access to the right data at the right time from multiple sources in real-time, it drives growth and innovation while reducing costs. POSIDEX solution is not just a means to enable you to comply with regulations but serves as the foundation for your digital transformation. The solution allows you to gain actionable decision-making insight and drive immense and measurable value back to your business.


Few challenges are tougher than identifying and influencing what drives customers’ attitudes, behavior and beyond in real-time. You can use on demand immediate customer insights across all channels that leads you to in-depth understanding of your customer. A big advantage in marketing campaigns conducted in fast-changing environments.


In a competitive market environment, it is best to be proactive rather than reactive. Identifying and anticipating problems before they occur. The fact is if you’re not there for your customers, you will be missing out on big opportunities. Those who understand the value of this capability generally tend to grow and increase revenue.


Screen your customer data against sanctions list, WL, PEP, SOC, Adverse Media list as part of the AML compliance during onboarding or transaction monitoring process