Single View of Customer

A unified view comes from the ability to analyze past behavior in order to better target and personalize future customer interactions. This capability becomes critical when organizations engage with customers through multiple channels, since customers expect those interactions to reflect a consistent understanding of their history and preferences.

One of the main reasons enterprises find it difficult to integrate data is that the data across various systems is different, even down to what makes a customer ‘unique’ and identifiable in that system. This data is fragmented; it’s not available in all applications; the definitions are different; and a lack of standards, make it difficult to “translate” the data across applications. Businesses are realizing that they can’t be more effective or expect higher ROI until they have done the analysis, they can’t do the analysis until they do the integration and they can’t do the integration until they have done the cleansing, de-duping and matching. All this is a daunting task.

POSIDEX Single View Of Customer delivers an integrated and unified representation of all data for a complete and contextual understanding of customer behavior. Uncovering value that might have been within reach, but scattered across multiple interactions, channels, groups and platforms. Now you will be able to answer one of the key questions in marketing: “Who is this customer and what do I already know about him?”

You can look for common threads, small interactions across channels, then build up a picture of who a customer really is by piecing together all of these individual pieces of invaluable customer data into a single unified customer profile. More important, you can leverage insights to better target, acquire and retain customers, identify opportunities, overcome challenges and grow revenues.