Unstructured customer data is usually the most chaotic and fluid information repository within an organization. It is also the most important and the most difficult to manage for data protection and compliance teams. POSIDEX Watchlist Screening integrates these data categories into your working practices and completes the process of establishing a protected file. Leading to more agility and faster compliance.

Organizations can now quickly identify business entities and individuals who are flagged as risky and are to be avoided for business due to their association with criminal and money laundering activities. POSIDEX technology provides industry’s fastest resolution response enabling the organizations for watchlist on a real-time basis. Establishing robust data compliance and protection practices across the entire unstructured data footprint is a legal requirement.


Your customers are interacting with you across more platforms than ever with their data being stored across multiple systems within your business. The challenge is to consolidate all interactions of a single customer down to just one record, this is a “golden record”.


Few challenges are tougher than identifying and influencing what drives customers’ attitudes, behavior and beyond in real-time. You can use on demand immediate customer insights across all channels that leads you to in-depth understanding of your customer. A big advantage in marketing campaigns conducted in fast-changing environments.


A unified view comes from the ability to analyze past behavior in order to better target and personalize future customer interactions. This capability becomes critical when organizations engage with customers through multiple channels, since customers expect those interactions to reflect a consistent understanding of their history and preferences.