360 degree view of trusted and reliable data which can establish,
Identify linkages and complex relationships across various stakeholders.

Enterprise Data

Flexibility of Cloud with the performance of Posidex technology:
SaaS based cloud solutions on a robust platform to help leverage your
agile business with modern technologies.

Cloud Offering

The 5V edge by Posidex for your Big data needs coupled with our
real time Data analytics platform to give you an always-on stream of relevant
to help leverage your agile business with modern technologies.

Big Data and


For enabling the single view of the customer data across different products from different lines of business.


As part of customer profiling and credit scoring , One of the requirements is to match the address of the customer with the negative area list available with the organization.


This solution allows the customer acquisition systems to query the customer record against the Terrorist List / OFAC List / PEP list which are required as part of statutory compliance needs.


Householding is the exercise of determining the individuals or entities associated with the same postal address or the same dwelling unit.

Transforming today’s Businesses

Posidex Technologies’s innovative and proven entity resolution and analytics technology has transformed the way business operate and engage with their customers during their entire life cycle with the organisation.

The ability to combine many demographic attributes of an entity and provide a very granular configuration for realtime resolution over very large volumes, beyond the present fuzzy logic techniques has provided our clients a game changing ability to widen the scope of their solutions in Fraud detection, Risk Management, Compliance and Customer Experience.

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Power of a Unified Platform

Posidex’ disruptive technologies has motivated our clients to replace the existing solutions and achieve a lower TCO and very direct high return on investment by way of increased throughput and automated decisioning.

Our customers also benefit indirectly due to improved risk mitigation, better compliance and more reliable data for analytics and BI.

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Our Prestigious Clients

Posidex technology is powering 30+ large enterprise level customers across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Securities, Retail, Telecom, Credit Bureau and Government in meeting their critical business needs every minute!

What Clients’ say about us
  • “The total estimated savings will be Rs.225 million PA assuming a 5% increase in approval and decline rates under the Posidex dedupe match logic.. All this has led to an almost 10 times improvement in processing speeds with minimal hardware requirements…”

  • “As a part of our attempt to an improved credit quality process, we have successfully integrated PrimeMatch(R) with our core lending system and found it to be extremely useful to support our credit decision process and business risk management.”

    CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Reliance Consumer Finance
The Posidex Edge


Experience and expertise in helping very large Enterprise customers understand more about their customers.


Unique, Validated and Proprietary technology based on numeric algorithms using set theory and number theory.


Globally scalable, with impact across industries and verticals. Powering the nerve centre of core businesses for our customers.

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