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Prime MDM (master data management)

Customer Master Data Management

Assign a unique customer code by unifying customer golden records created in silos across all your business source systems. This accurate and trusted master record (customer golden record) information, which is prioritized based on survivorship rules, stores all the current and past demographic information of the customer.

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By Industry

Banking and Financial Serices

Banking / Financial Services

Data management in banking / finance data management service providers

Providing Hyper-personalized, customer-centric, fast, and real-time financial services in the digitally transformed banking and financial sectors



Data management solutions for investment management

Only the most accurate data is the need to enable trusted solutions in enhancing Insurance price policies, risk management, fraud detections and compliance.



Retail mater data management (mdm) system

Increase Customer Loyalty using hyper-personalization and data-driven recommendations to boost retail sales and customer retention.



Telecom customer master data management solutions

A complete customer picture can help understand telecom customer's pain-points, identify churn, and targeted marketing at the right time to improve customer retention.



Government Data Quality Management solutions

Use data to modernize government operations and improve citizen services even with high volumes of data with the help of most trusted, secure, and golden data records.



Data management for
healthcare sector

Providing trusted, compliant, and secure data for healthcare industries with high compliance and regulatory protocols to ensure healthy insights from a complex landscape.

Functional Area

Customer Onboarding

Conduct a comprehensive KYC Check at every step of your customer onboarding solution process. Identify if the customer being onboarded has any prior relationship with your organization across all the business source systems, by checking on the details submitted by the customer for the POA and the POI documents.

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Enforce and ensure Regulatory compliance by a thorough KYC check as well as screening against lists authorized by the regulatory authority. This could be UN Sanctions list, OFAC list, Defaulters / Negative list etc.

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Fraud & Risk

Get not only a 360 view of the customer but also identify any associations or relationships with other customers like being an co-applicant or guarantor or sibling or parent of a person which is under scanner or employee of an organization which is getting delinquent etc. This will help underwriters score the risk as well help identify frauds etc

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Get up to date contact information of the customer. Often the customer's information like phone number, address or the employer changes during the service period of the customer and this affects the inability to contact the customer for recovery or collections.

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Drive campaigns based on trusted data of your customers and prospects.

Understand customer behaviour, propensity and churn. Identify cross sell and upsell opportunities based on the real-time single view of the customer along with all the transactional relationships.

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Customer Service

Provide great customer service through an accurate and a comprehensive 360 view of the customer covering all the customer's interactions with an accelerated response time.

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World's most unique entity resolution engine.

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PrimeMatch is a path breaking search technology for entity resolution and analytics providing the benefits of scalability to millions of records with great accuracy with an instant response. PrimeMatch delivers the highest possible reliability when searching, matching, screening or grouping data based on demographic parameters of identification in spite of errors and variations in each parameter.

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World's most powerful deduplication process.

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The deduplication process is a problem of quadratic complexity which means the number of iterations goes up exponentially as the volume of data increases. Conventional approaches take a long time and significant hardware resources. SetMatch technology can achieve such large scale deduplication and matching processes in a fraction of time and with significantly less hardware resources.

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