If they rely on Customer Data Platforms that simply use unique identifiers to reconcile or identify customers, it would expose their businesses to skewed customer related analytics and put their organisation to operational as well as regulatory risks.

What today’s enterprises need is a fast and accurate reconciliation engine which can leverage the techniques of AI and ML and empower the business users to respond in real-time to their customers.

POSIDEX Technologies’ innovative Enterprise Customer Data Platform, with its proven sophisticated entity resolution technology based on Machine Learning and InMemory Analytics, has transformed the way businesses operate and engage with their customers during their entire life cycle with the organisation. The ability to combine many attributes of an entity, and going beyond the current use of fuzzy logic techniques, provides a very granular configuration for real-time resolution over very large volumes. This innovative approach provides our clients a game changing ability to widen the scope of their solutions in Fraud Detection, Risk Management, Compliance and Customer Experience.

POSIDEX’s disruptive technologies has motivated its clients to replace their existing customer data platforms; achieve a lower TCO; and very high return on investment by way of increased throughput and automated decisioning. POSIDEX customers also benefit indirectly due to improved risk mitigation, better compliance and more reliable data for Analytics and Business Intelligence. POSIDEX technology has been tested, proven and is trusted by 40+ large enterprise level customers across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Securities, Retail, Telecom, Credit Bureau and Government verticals in meeting their critical business needs in real-time.

It is time for you to access the power to examine large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, actors, associations, unknown correlations, customer preferences and other useful business information.

Trust us to manage your most crucial business asset – your data – effectively and efficiently. Together, lets create value in real-time.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to empower business enterprises for enabling customer
centricity at the heart of all their operations.

Our Mission is to develop the best platform, solutions with world class
products and services for enabling our clients to discover and
understand more about their customers.

Team Posidex

Team POSIDEX operates in an environment which allows the company to reinforce their competitive advantage. Giving associates the freedom to generate more science from existing science and more technology from existing technology.

This approach makes POSIDEX a self-reliant, strong and technologically centric entity with an edge. Propelling POSIDEX to achieve faster rates of growth and sustain its leadership position worldwide, as an Enterprise Resolution solution provider.