PrimeVer - Customer Data Validation Solution by Posidex

For a quick and streamlined KYC id authentication(KYC verification) and customer data validation process

Customer information comes from different sources like the one extracted from the id proofs during KYC, an application form filled by the customer, etc, and it is tedious to reconcile the information manually. PrimeVer (powered by PrimeMatch® Technology is an on-premise application that enables you to automate the validation of this varied information. The entire process becomes simpler, faster, and streamlined. PrimeVer not just makes onboarding faster but also quickens the decision-making process to respect or suspect cases.

Key Features of Digital Onboarding Solutions


Quicker Onboarding Process

Digital onboarding processes can be enabled by reducing manpower and the physical presence of customers using digital onboarding solutions.


Automation of Validation

ID authentications are easily automated and passed in a single technical step rather than multiple checks.


Scalable Projects

Millions of customer data validation and record can be automated and authenticated at a scale improving the performance of high volumes of customer verifications and onboarding solutions.



PrimeVer is built based on powerful ML algorithms that can give accurate verification and matching results at a speed many rates higher than a human verification process, saving a lot of time and human resources.



Get an authenticity score for each parameter of the customer data to make informed decisions.

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