Single Source Of Truth

Existing techniques such as data matching have reached limitations in addressing today’s big-data challenges of volumes, data quality and instant response required from querying system for real-time response. POSIDEX helps enterprises respond to these business critical challenges with its highly acclaimed and proven industry leading expertise in Entity Resolution Search Engine technology. Having a single view of the customer allows you to understand more about their needs – it allows you to offer products relevant to their circumstances, increasing opportunities to upsell services and create products more attuned to their needs.

It also enables you to build a set of predictable sales processes that define trigger activities based on customer actions. This means you’re never in danger of missing out on sales opportunities because the engagement process to make them happen takes place automatically. Posidex disruptive technologies has motivated clients to replace their existing solutions and achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and high return on investment by way of increased throughput and automated decisioning or straight through processing.

Master Data Management

Posidex provides master data management capabilities as part of both Real-time Entity Search and Bulk Entity Search products. MDM is a method of enabling an enterprise to link and aggregate all of its critical data to one master file, which provides a common reference point. A 360 degree view of a customer establishing linkages and relationships across products and lines of businesses generates great value to large and complex enterprises.

Eliminating errors in master data in all the applications that use it. Hence an error-free customer master is of paramount importance for them to become agile enterprises. Entity resolution becomes a fundamental aspect of MDM. The growing emphasis on regulatory compliance has made the creating and maintaining of accurate and complete master data a business necessity.


Few challenges are tougher than identifying and influencing what drives customers’ attitudes, behavior and beyond in real-time. You can use on demand immediate customer insights across all channels that leads you to in-depth understanding of your customer. A big advantage in marketing campaigns conducted in fast-changing environments.


In a competitive market environment, it is best to be proactive rather than reactive. Identifying and anticipating problems before they occur. The fact is if you’re not there for your customers, you will be missing out on big opportunities. Those who understand the value of this capability generally tend to grow and increase revenue.


Screen your customer data against sanctions list, WL, PEP, SOC, Adverse Media list as part of the AML compliance during onboarding or transaction monitoring process